Here Are the Proposed Developments We Are Watching

We encourage you to review the proposals and engage with the County Planning Commission and/or Board of County Commissioners with your comments, either in favor or in opposition. If you wish to get engaged, you can do so with in-person testimony at the meetings, or you may send comments to the County via e-mail to

Falcon Highlands South

Challenger Homes has submitted a Falcon Highlands South application for a PUD Development Plan/Preliminary Plan and request for early grading. Details are at: The County Planning Commission will hear the application on 16 Nov at 9:00 AM.

Friends of Falcon Position: We share bordering residents' concerns about the drainage infrastructure. Existing problems with drainage underdrains could be exacerbated by grading and higher density residences, and the application has conflicting language about which agency will be responsible for maintenance. For more info, see The New Falcon Herald article at

11745 Owl Place Commercial Rezone

A homeowner wants to rezone his 5 acre property just across the street north from the Falcon Marketplace from residential to commercial, then make it an extension of the Marketplace with maybe a gas station, car wash and/or a couple of restaurants.

Friends of Falcon Position: We have no objection to this. The proposal seems to fit with the area and appears to include the necessary infrastructure, but we'd sure love to see our Vice-Chair's billboard be allowed to stay up on the site. :-)

Autumn Hills (aka Autumn Acres) - SKP 231

A developer just filed the formal Sketch Plan and intends to develop the currently vacant land that on the southwest corner of Meridian and Stapleton. Full details are on the County's website at

Friends of Falcon Position: Friends of Falcon does not object to developing the land, but believes it does not meet our criteria for "responsible" development. Specifically, there are concerns that 1/2 acre lots do not provide a meaningful density transition with the 5 acre lots that border the property on the west boundary, that the proposal does not provide sufficient road design and infrastructure to support the added traffic, and that the developer has not secured sufficient water rights to support the full scope of the proposed project.