Our mission

We exist to promote the Falcon area and help preserve its character and identity as a harmonious balance of rural and urban lifestyles that exemplifies southern Colorado living

Objectives - What we hope to achieve

1.  Foster and preserve a strong sense of community and build resiliency

2.  Ensure development is compatible with existing infrastructure and uses, and with the Falcon area’s character

3.  Attract businesses and services such as:

  • Franchised stores (e.g., Ace Hardware, Lowe's, Home Depot, etc.)

  • Restaurants (particularly ones not in the local area such as an ice cream store, new burger chains, etc.; casual/sit-down restaurants especially ethnic foods such as Italian, Thai, Indian, etc.; and moderate/upscale restaurants for special event celebrations).

  • Medical facilities such as a certified emergency room or small hospital

  • Movie Theater (and/or other performing arts venues)

  • Full Time Department of Motor Vehicles Office

  • Official Post Office